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of ceremonies. >> okay, sara. >> i'm going to ask you four questions about hoda. and each of you -- hoda you'll write your answer down on your board. you as well kath. and if it matches, you get a point. otherwise, you just -- >> number one. >> -- haven't learned anything. >> okay. >> kathy, if anyone would play hoda in a movie, who would she want it to be? >> i can't stand these kind of questions. i don't even know. >> oh, my gosh. i don't know. i know it's not miranda lambert. >> quit cheating on your test. this is your answer. >> okay. i got it. >> kathy what did you say? >> you mean now? okay. >> halle berry. same coloring, and she's gorgeous. >> i said, hala, my sister. it's kind of the same. louisiana and halle berry. >> what size shoe does hoda wear? >> be careful because i have the truth. >> she lies when she says 9 1/2. >> it's 9 1/2. >> liar. >> sometimes a 10. >> what is the first thing hoda does when she wakes up? >> well, now. >> and hoda is off and running on that one. >> but now she has to take blake out. so i would think she does -- >> don't over think it, kathy. >> she goes
>>> from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> hey, everybody, it's thirst-day thursday. what day is it, hoda? >> it's april 25th, 2013. >> the day my spanx are showing a lot. >> even more than normally. >> my dress is too tight. >> everything is too tight, i shouldn't have worn it and that's the problem, i won't bend at all. okay. beyonce is stirring it up yet again. yesterday, we talked about how she didn't like unflattering photos being taken of her at events. >> who does? >> these were a little frightening. >> that's her choreography. >> that's life. that's a new thing where she's banning photographers from her concerts and she will give a couple of photos that her own photographer is taking to the different news outlets. >> to like getty images and a.p. >> she wants control over her images. now that means every person who is at the concert with an iphone, will -- will suddenly -- could be very rich if they snap the right picture and sell it to the right magazine. >> you're making a whole new world of
today is, hoda? >> what is it? >> perfect day for ben and jerry's 34th annual free cone day at shops around the world. you and you cannot do it. and so look at the young ones over there eating her brains out. >> i can't really afford this either, but -- >> everybody gets a free cone? >> free cone. and today is liz lemon, i believe, is what they're -- >> okay. >> so good for them. >>> sad day for annette funicello's fans and her family. i just loved her, she was my generation, probably not yours. but i grew up watching hayley mills and annette funicello. and thinking what would my life be like if mr. disney liked me, too. and i met her one time and she was gracious and really sweet. we talk so much about people battling cancer. i guess there's two ways to battle it, hoda. you can feel bitter about it or let it make you better like it has you. i never saw an ounce of self-pity. and some of my favorite people in the world have been through this. but there wasn't a lot known about m.s. back then. and she literally came out of the shadows with the disease because they were going to go pub
terrorism or domestic terrorism. >> do you have a feeling on that, hoda? >> i think this is one of those things you have to wait to play out. often there's a claim of responsibility quickly which we haven't seen yet. which could be nothing. they say in the bombs they had bbs and ball bearings. and they asked one of the terrorism expert, does that tell you anything? and he just said no, they just wanted to do the most damage. my hope is because there were so many cameras trained on the finish line and everybody now has a cell phone and everybody shooting pictures and video, somewhere, whether the person put the bombs down long before or last-minute or whatever, that somewhere -- >> you think this is going to be solved? >> i think with all of those cameras, how can it not be? not only the ones from the news divisions but every person who was walking around all the ones that are probably on the street corners. any of the big brother ones we talk about. >> somewhere in there that's one person being held. no charges of course yet. being questioned. i guess there was some shrapnel. >> he's a s
>>> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio, 1a. >> hello, everybody. it's wines-day wednesday, just in time for me to feel better. i want to thank all of you for the best wishes yesterday. i didn't tell everybody i wasn't feeling well for sympathy. i just wanted to create suspense that i might barf at some point in the hour. >> you're all back? >> it's one of those things where i thought you never know how it's going to go. i found the key is less than 24 hours, just drink water. no fizzy stuff, no crackers, don't do anything. >> sometimes that works. you don't put anything that might have a desire to come up. thanks, everybody. >> a.j. clemente was the anchor at bismarck. >> for one day. >> it ended quickly. it ended in a matter of seconds. >> morality failed for all of us. >> he cursed on the air. his explanation was they came on 30 seconds before they were supposed to and he was unaware they were on the air. he was cursing, because he was trying to pronounce the name of the marathon winner. he couldn't say it. >> he also droppe
stayed home last night and watched "the voice". >> i get all the information from you, hoda. >> there was a young lady named betsy barta. she sang an adele song to begin with. ♪ >> okay. everyone is mouthing she's good. not one chair turned. she got nobody. >> wow. >> she got zero. >> i'm wondering if they're thinking about people they've already chosen and thinking -- by now they have ton strategic, right? >> yeah. >> they're starting to get into that part of it. they're thinking i already have a singer that sings like that. i don't want to pit the two together. you know what i'm saying? >> it could be that. the star of the night was a 17-year-old named savannah barry. she put her music out, she home-schooled, and all she wanted to do is music. when she stepped out there, she said if one chair turns, i know i'm doing the right thing. >> wow. >> so let's watch. ♪ >> she got three chairs. three chairs turned for her. ♪ >> she's great, right? >> isn't she great? >> yeah. >> she ended up going with blake. >> she writes her own tough. that's from "hunger games" but she als
in north carolina, so thank you amanda. >> we'll get that information on our website. favorite for hoda and kathie lee, saving some money on booze. >> only for people 21 and over, from the zagat wine club. if you join their initial offer for 15 bottles, $69.99 plus shipping and handling. this is a club so you have to tell them if you don't want to be in the club after that but it's over a $200 value for these 15 bottles, considerable savings, every three months you'll get a new shipment and if you want to not receive that particular shipment you can tell them the price goes up to $139. >> this is the weekend for hoda and kathie lee. what do we have here? >> "the new york times" ran a great story about cutting out the middleman. we're seeing retailers make their own merchandise, sell it directly over the internet and it's considerably cheaper so this stuff is all from mono price which specializes in electronic equipment, accesso accessories, toner. these earphones these cases for phones they're under $10. even those headphones are 23, 24 books and queen and canopy does the same with line
, hoda, you do, you look great. >> we have a great show for you guys today. gretchen wilson, she sings that song, "redneck woman." she's got three new cds out -- three. one is -- she's going to sing a song off of her new one. and then she's got another one that's coming out that's like old songs that she's covered. and then a christmas album. >> she's got it all. >> also, you know who else is here. >> a lovely, lovely woman. >> what's going on behind you? up and down, up and down -- omarosa is here. >> yes, she is. and i just saw her on the steps and she's in a -- >> is she in a good mood? >> she was -- she's in a wonderful mood. >> i don't think so. no, i don't know. i don't know if she's -- i don't know. we'll have to wait and see. >> you know hoda, you've become far too cynical in life. this is a woman who has seen the error of her ways and she's a new human being. >> she got fired, it was shown recently. but it actually happened, i guess a while ago. >> i think last fall. >> we're going to talk to her about all kinds of things. you were very busy last night, weren't you? >> apparen
, as you know, hoda. >> what do you mean by that? >> i wonder where this is going to stop, if you know what i'm saying. >> remember when angelina jolie wore a vial of her boyfriend's blood, billy ray. >> billy bob. >> did i say billy ray? >> bobbie sue was the name of the doggie that got adopted. this is all babies and boobs today, people. new evian commercial. remember years ago the ground-breaking technology at the time? they have a brand new one. these little babies, that were rappers. and on roller skates. this is the old one. >> that was -- >> i forget this one, let's watch it. ♪ ♪ >> this was even before the wonner baby. >> this is "rapper's delight." >> not everyone. >> i guarantee you, my mother doesn't know it. >> we want to see the new one, right? >> the new one they're just releasing. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's like their younger selves. >> i let you know -- >> that is brilliant. that is adorable. >> that is brilliant. now, i understand that these folks have given us the baby treatment as well. >> they did? >> i don't know. >> who is that? >> that's who they think -- doe
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> hey, everybody, welcome to try-day, friday, april 26th, this year is going a little too quickly, hoda-woman. >> but we're going to help you celebrate this friday, because we have entertainment on our program. >> it's been michael buble week here at nbc. and we're thrilled. >> he has a new cd out and it's so much fun. we're going to talk with our buddy michael buble. >> he's one of the most happily married men expecting a baby i've ever met in my life. >> he has a new cd out that's a lot of fun. he says this may be his favorite cd of all. >> they did it live, you know. and he was saying, i love my other ones, i'm so grateful for them. but i got to admit, a couple times i feel a little cheesy. >> he said they cheesed me out. >> he's adorable. >> i haven't seen this, but i guess we have to promote it. because it's nbc. >> let's tee this up, there's a program called "smash, the making of a musical" and all that stuff. so who should be a guest star on "the making
diamond, hoda? >> well, he's your lover. >> not exactly, but i do love him. that's how things get started. >> tell the story, though. it's so cute the way he showed us. he took a red-eye that night. >> he took a red-eye that night. you know his song, "sweet caroline" is something that's always played at fenway park. and he called the switchboard at fenway and said hey, this is neil diamond. i'd love to come and sing at fenway. and i guess the operator connected him to who he needed to be connected to. he ended up singing right there at the game. and the crowd just went nuts. >> insane. i would go insane anyway if he showed up because i'm such a huge fan of his personally and artistically. but the fact he did that that night, he realized, okay, they're playing a game tomorrow. he got on a plane. he came in. that's patriotism every bit as much as everything else. we're not like dear friends or anything, but i remember particularly about maybe six years ago or something like seven i was interviewing him and we had one of those great -- so rarely do we get a chance to spend a long time with s
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from stud 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> hey, everybody, it is fun-day monday, it's april 29th, 2013. we're so glad you're with us today. and happy anniversary to will and kate. >> two years. i cannot believe it's been two years and a baby on the way. >> good for them. >> here's the thing. i didn't see you this weekend. but i saw you -- >> did you miss me? >> but i saw you. >> did you? >> you don't have to be face to face to see kathie lee, especially this weekend. because kath was a little busy. >> can't stay out of trouble. >> friday and saturday and sunday. throughout the weekend. making the rounds, we should say. talking about our friend matt lauer. >> yes. >> but let's just take a little taste of -- >> let's see it. >> kathie lee on fire with "e.t." defending matt lauer. >> we weren't petitioning for anything. it was a proclamation of our -- of our affection and our support for our friend and our colleague, matt. >> today kathie lee gifford has said enough is enough. >> i think some people m
test. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefelleplaza. >>> all righty, how dare we call tax day monday fun-day. but it is. it's april 15th. glad you're with us, hope you had a wonderful weekend. a very happy birthday to my sister mish. >> oh, today's her birthday? >> it's her birthday today. >> oh, my god. >> who knew? there's my beautiful sister mish. >> so tax day is her birthday? >> yes. >> that is not a great day. >> and i have a friend named michael redmond, it's his birthday too. since you brought him up, i'll wish him well on the northern coast of -- where is he? washington state, i forget. >> did you do your taxes? >> i think so. somebody did. frank said we did. yes. >> i always get panicky around this time. because i got an email -- >> because all your stuff is at the bottom of your purse. you need to give it to somebody long before now. >> you know what i do have? under the bed is a big tupperware where i just dump everything in there and slide it under the bed. >> with the body of jimmy hoffa,
to 4 inches of rainmaking its way in. hoda? >> wow. all right, al, thanks a lot. >>> we are following a new threat out of north korea. a warning this morning for all foreigners to leave south korea. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in seoul once again. good morning, richard. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. more rhetoric. we just returned from the dmz, the demilitarized zone along the north korean border. and the good news is we saw no signs that a military conflict is coming, but north korea is continuing its brinksmanship. if a war were coming you would see it in these cold mountains. south korean troops today patrolled the so-called demilitarized zone. a narrow buffer between two enemies, that's also a trigger. on one side 30,000 south korean soldiers backed by nearly 30,000 american troops on the peninsula. across the valley, 70% of north korea's million man army. the two sides monitor each other so closely we were required to dress in uniform. to avoid raising suspicion. we were the first journalist allowed on this outpost. this is one of the most militarized bo
with our world, hoda. >> but if you want to watch "sara and nikki" live, they're on mtv at 10:00 p.m. >>> beyonce was making a big announcement at 10:00. she was saying get ready. she has released a new single called "grown woman" part of a pepsi commercial. >> when she's being paid $30 million for? >> that would be it. >> let's watch it and see if we like it. >> because she needs the money. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> embrace your past, but live for now. >> so all of those takes were from her old videos. >> she's such a pro. >> we've had the greatest artists in the world here for their concert series, and i've never seen anybody more precise than beyonce. you think, am i really watching someone do that live? she's got the work ethic, boy, that's for sure. >>> kevin ware, you guys remember he was the player -- i'm sorry, kevin ware, the coach from rutgers. >> no, kevin ware is the one who hurt his leg. >> you know what? >> you are sleep deprived. hoda, who sleeps like eight or nine hours a night, is now understanding what it's like to be a mother. >> i got to tell yo
to do with what we're talking about. >> when hoda zones out. >> no, no, no, a friend of mine told me often when women are talking, they think about something else going on. >> that's a daily thing with you. >> i know. >> i'm going to chalk it up by being exhausted. you're mine again, don't even let matt think you can have him again. by the way, you were sensational. >> if they just had vino. >> we love savannah. >> her mom was having surgery, and we wish them the best. >>> speaking of our lady friends. >> we went last week, we weren't allowed to talk about it, because it was going to be a huge thing in "people." >> jenna bush hager is pregnant, having a baby, and we had a baby shower that megan organized and did a great, great job, and there it is. there's her husband henry. >> who's a doll. we just expected a bit more than this huge thing we had to keep quiet for a week. so we're grateful, don't get us wrong. >> peter callahan's, by the way f. catered the events. we're such a joyful group. i gave one that hannah left behind in my apartment. bring your favorite children's book. i hav
's neat. i think you can use neat. neat is a bore. >> hoda needs to make her purse more neat. >> no, it's neater, not more neater. >> yours needs both. >> bore. >> let's go on to smashed. >> well, you know, if it fits, you wear it. i mean -- if you're smashed you're smashed, but it should be -- >> you think over 50, you shouldn't use the word smashed, if you're talking about someone who is drunk and falling down. >> smashed doesn't bother me, i think that's okay. >> what about hottie? oh, he's a hottie. that sounds pathetic. >> nobody wants to hear you say that. >> unless it's about a hot toddy. >> if you are older and you're dating, what do you call the guy you're dating -- your boyfriend? >> i just call him precious. that's an old joke, i'll tell you at the commercial break. >> we're going to play a game called who's that dog. >> hoda has had her dog for three weeks, can she really tell her dog from any other dog? >> yes. >> any of our facebook friends have sent us photos of their dog. >> so what am i supposed to do? >> do you know blake well enough to recognize him, do you think? >>
. urgent, need tax info asap, all caps. >> hoda, did you get an extension? >> that's what i'm doing today. >> oh my -- >> today's the extension day. >> i've known you five years, loved you that long. never once have i known you to file on time. but you're not alone. >> i don't even know why i do -- why don't i just do it on time? i like to know there's a few more months to go. down the road. >> you know what's the most depressing thing of all? is thinking about how long you have to work before you get to actually spend one penny of all the work that you have done. >> flee three months. >> that's for the average person. for people like you who are multimillionaires, it is way, way, way -- you know where all of hoda's money's going now? >> what? >> to the dog walker. >> i had no idea. >> you better drink up, because you're about to get the first bill from the dog walker. >> this is a tax -- what is it? this is a tax drink. >> it's an apple martini apparently. why -- it's from the grant grill at the u.s. grant hotel in san diego. >> that's good. each one of these drinks costs $4.15 and it's
. hoda? >> kristen, the compromise, obviously, was bipartisan. each side probably didn't get something. what didn't each side get? >> that's right. democrats had been hoping for background checks to be universal. they didn't get that. this is going to be a pared down, watered down version of background checks. however, they are still happy about it. republicans skeptical to some extent about background checks so this is a concession on their part as well. the president had ultimately been hoping for an assault weapons ban and limiting high capacity magazines. those measures are very unlikely to pass. >> all right, kristen welker, thanks. >>> there is new word that north korea appears closer to carrying out a missile test. overnight, south korea's defense ministry says it appears preparations have now been completed. nbc's jim miklaszewski is at the pentagon. good morning to you. we're hearing this from south korean officials. what are folks at the pentagon saying? are they confirming that in fact a missile is loaded, fueled and ready to go? >> matt, u.s. military and intelligence offic
is such a subjective thing, hoda, it's hard to tell tone when you're looking at words. the best flirting is always face to face. >> the way you like it. >> yes. >> yes, it's okay, as long as you're okay with everyone and your mother watching you in action. >> even your mother? even your mother. >> oy. >> we had half an hour. we had so much fun with that. >> here's my song, my i-hoda playlist, a mix between country and rap, i like that little combo. it's cruise, a remix by florida and georgia line and nelly. listen to the two of them together. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> he says baby you're a song. >> i like it when rap and country blend. nelly has done that before. >> you know who else -- hoda? >> we have an award-winning -- >> and they're wearing their medals to prove it. >> a barbershop quartet, called the ringmasters from sweden. they won a huge award. come on in, guys. >> let's try to say their names. >> rasmus krigstrom, he's lead. and jakob stenberg tenor. >> emanuel roll, baritone. >> and martin wahlgren. >> what are you going to sing? >> beatles. >> beatles? >> barbershop style. ♪ na,
. it said in the teleprompter, good evening, i'm hoda kotb, ann martin is out sick. and i thought, please god, this is my big break. and i looked up at the teleprompter and said, good evening, i'm ann martin. >> i wanted to pull it back. >> when i mess up, i keep messing up. it was a disaster. >> you kept digging, didn't you? >> it was at the very end of the newscast, it was over and i'll never forget the floor director, like davy, but much younger. he took the mic off like -- ooh. and i went -- >> never going to see you again. >> i thought i was fired. i went to the grocery store, because when i get depressed i like to eat a lot of things. i went looking for food and this crazy-looking woman came up to me, her hair was nuts, she had a few teeth and she goes like this, oh, my god, i just seen you on tv. i felt so sorry for you. i was like, i thought it was my first anchoring and my last. but thank god, my boss gave me a second break. >> he said something cute. i think you wrote about this in your book, that i actually read. didn't he say something sweet to you? >> he did say something swe
? >> apparently not. that costs more money. just be grateful for what you have in life, hoda, okay? >> there's no audio. he sat down with matt to talk about some various things in his life. let's take a listen to that. >> knowing that what i did was totally wrong, you know, and having to kind of deal with myself and forgive myself in the same breath. and you know, being able to apologize to, you know, rihanna and being able to be that man that can be a man. >> so you're together as a couple? >> yeah, everything's good. we're fine. >> a lot of people worried i think about her -- >> yeah. >> -- and the choice that's she was making and they thought this is going to end badly. how do you respond to that? >> well, you know, i think it's just me proving myself once again. and also just me being a man. and knowing that what i did was wrong and never doing it again. >> well i'm so happy to hear him say that. you can never get help until you realize -- until you accept the fact that -- accept responsibility for your actions and not blame it on other people. sounds like that's exactly what he needs to
in egypt, a woman called hoda shaarawi launched egypt's first wave of feminism, which was around the same time that you had first-wave feminism, you know, in the so-called west. so i have a woman back in the 20th century who removed her face vl and said, "this is a thing of the past," in 1923. and then in, you know, a few... >> hinojosa: was she attacked? was she publicly scorned? was she... >> i'm sure she faced a lot of criticism, but what helped her was her social status, again. she came from a privileged background that she was able to use to say these very controversial things. but you know, i use her as a great example. when people ask me, you know, "do you even have a feminist movement in the middle east?" i say, "are you kidding me?" 1923, this woman removes her face veil, and then back, you know, just a few decades ago, we have women like nawal el saadawi in egypt in the 1970s and '80s, another kick-ass feminist. fatima mernissi from morocco, a sociologist who's written a lot about women's issues. so i have a long and rich and proud history of feminism in my culture and in my rel
. >> the mtv movie awards last night were weird. >> i didn't see them, you didn't either, hoda woman. did you look at them online? >> i saw parts of it. there was one moment. there was kind of a kanye-ish moment. by this i mean will ferrell was up getting an award and he had the golden popcorn thing in his hand. >> that's the award, right? >> and some girl named aubrey plaza from "parks and rec" you may or may not recognize decided she was going to rush the stage. take a look. >> once again, thanks to mtv. but i -- what's happening? are you okay? aubrey plaza, everyone. >> if you look, i don't know if we can get a shot of it. if you look on her chest, there's like a hashtag or something that says, to do list. something that she wanted to do, i guess to -- >> to pull a kanye on someone? >> by the way, that was dumb. it wasn't even funny. >> it was awkward. it was awk-weird. some people thought it was, it was planned and it just went -- you know -- >> awry. as they say. >> or that she just -- by not saying anything it was very strange. i mean at least -- kanye, we knew what he was talking about
. thank you very much. now here's hoda. >>> this morning, tens of thousands of north korean workers are being pulled from the industrial park shared with south korea. nbc cheese chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in seoul with details. >> reporter: good morning. north korea said it will pull 50,000 workers from the joint economic zone as pyongyang continues to beat the war drum. even the dogs in north korea are trained to defend the father land. state propaganda showed them set loose on effigies of south korea's defense minister. as the leader kim jong-un reviewed his troops marksmanship and showed them how it is done. pinging targets cowboy style. the propaganda may seem ridiculous but north korea is a nuclear state with a leader under 30 playing chicken with the world. >> i think we're in the most dangerous situation in decades. >> reporter: south korea is calm but those who live near the han river separating the two koreas are starting to contemplate what if. this city of 1 million is a few miles from the north korean border and local officials here are telling resident
, hoda and kathie lee will show you some spring dresses to hide your figure flaws and how >>> good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. a south bay paramedic is fighting for his life this morning. he was shot while driving in the oakland hills yesterday afternoon. police say 34-year-old quinn boyer was shot then veered off the road and crashed into a ravine. this morning he remains in critical condition. police don't know what led to the shooting. they are still looking for the gunman. >>> and just into our newsroom, it is finally official. jay leno just announced minutes ago he will leave nbc's tonight show next spring. leno will have wrapped up 22 years as "the tonight show" host. as expected, jimmy fallon will replace him. "the tonight show" will return to its original home at "30 rock" in new york. as for the late show airing at 12:35, that's yet to be announced. big news coming out of the entertainment world this morning. lets take a look at that forecast with christina loren. >> thanks, marla. yeah, we are going to see highs today. very warm, warmest day of the week.
. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> the chamber singers from the high school of >>> coming up, kathie lee and hoda serenaded by michael buble. >> plus more tips to drop ten pounds by memorial day. talking about the right kind of snacks. >> and secret beauty tips from celebrities. first a check of your local news and weather. have a great weekend everyone. bye. >>> good morning to you, it is 9:56. six brand-new portable classrooms are no more after a suspicious fire in a san leandro middle school overnight. james madison school, the fire broke out about midnight. officials say the portables were liveresterday and pushed together for one large building. classrooms were empty. classes went on this morning since the fire did not spread to other buildings. >>> expect big crowds in oakland. back to the oracle arouena. officials are recommending you get there early to make sure you don't miss tip-off or the first pitch. tip-off at 7:30, first pitch 7:05. should also feel good about that forecast. lets look at it with meteorologist christina loren. >> thanks, marla. temperatures are pretty comfortable and
're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >>> coming up, kathie lee and hoda with the celebrity dish. >> and a 33-year-old mom who lost 200 pounds, how she did it, after your local news and weather. >>> good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. starting today, people all over the bay area will pay more in taxes. new sales tax goes into effect in p counties and cities. the extra money will go towards schools and health care to road repairs. the sales tax in santa clara county is jumping an eighth of a percent, which means most shoppers will pay 8.75%. san mateo county most shoppers are paying 9%. in marin county the sales tax is 8.5%. some other cities also seeing a jump, orinda, naftao, san rafael and campbell all increasing to 9% sales tax. the city of san mateo will increase to 9.25%. half moon bay, moraga and albany will increase to 9.5%. meteorologist christina loren keeping busy today with all the rain out there. >> hey, thanks, marla. yeah, right now showers are spotty and light. i want to point out how much rain we've picked up over the last 24 hours, an inch and a ha
, kathie lee and hoda have more on "people's" most beautiful issue. >> and the best websites to check out before you book your >>> good morning to you. it is 9:56. i'm marla tellez. an off duty emergency medical technician and emt and fellow students at san jose state are being hailed as heroes this morning. they ran into a homeless shelter that caught fire. they ran in to tell people to get out. thanks to their quick thinking, no one was hurt. firefighters think it may have started on the rooftop patio. >>> the santa clara county sheriff's department hope you can help them catch a would be robber. take a look. deputies releasing the surveillance video for everyone to see. they want to talk to this man. they say the friend pulled a gun on a driver outside of 7-eleven on february 14th. the driver quickly reversed and took off without getting hurt. >>> rob mayeda in for christina loren talking about a little cooldown. >> we're seeing some cooler changes. clouds around the bay area, even misty skies in a few spots that will lead to a cooler afternoon, mid-60s around san francisco, mid-60s oa
the "today" show through 11:30. all the way through kathie lee and hoda. that's mike's favorite program. he is tracking something serious. let's get right to that. >> i am tracking something much more serious than hoda and kathie lee. the south bay, a major crash reported over the last half hour. it has had traffic jammed up north 85. reports in the chp say, vta bus involved with three other vehicles. now, no dtls and injuries. some have the ambulanced called as well. it is jamming traffic from 85 after you get past 87 all the way back to snell. snell is probably your best route out there. that's why traffic does stop there. folks are now going on to city streets which i'm imagining are going to get a heavy flow of traffic because all these coming off of 101 are jammed. there is slowing on 85 north as folks rejoin that freeway. also, slow on the monterrey highway area coming up. 101 is still okay. 101 up to 280 and around the area. it is a lot more mileage. it keeps you clear of that crash. a final check of the day's other top stories. >>> a stanford professor diagnosed with lieukemia is tu
, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> hey, everybody, we're so happy you're with us today, yes, it is thirst-day thursday, april 11th, it's time for hoda's -- >> what? >> i-hoda, i'll make you wait for it. it's going to be a great song that you're going to want to put on your tape deck, your cassette player. >> my tape deck, very funny. >> your 8-track. >> jerry, enough out of you. >> there will be good music. we have four adorable swedish guys here. >> so yesterday in "people" magazine -- >> yeah. >> jenna bush hager had a baby shower. there were pictures and stuff. >> not enough. >> it was nice and everybody was asked to bring a children's book. >> do bring to the new mother who doesn't have any for her new child. >> that's what savannah did and natalie sang something and i brought one. meredith brought one and mine apparently rankled some people's feathers, whatever you call it. ruffled feathers. that book was in my apartment, which i confess, and it belonged to my niece and i had enough time to go find my favorite book. s
to be on with hoda and kathie lee coming up. >> i am. >>> good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we are getting word of a broken gas line near valley fair mall in san jose. construction crews punctured a 3 inch gas line about an hour ago on the back side of the mall. so far there's no evacuations at the mall. it doesn't open for an hour. it's something we'll keep tabs on. robin for christina today. >> looks more like summer, 80s, mid-90s, 92 livermore, 70, san francisco a little cooler tomorrow. widespread cooling will hold off until the middle part of the week as the sea breeze starts to kick on once again. another local news update coming up in just a half hour. right now lets send you backed to "today" show. ♪ carry on >>> welcome to "today" on this monday morning, april 22nd, 2013. in case you didn't know, it is earth day, baby. >> yes. >> we are going green f the entire hour. we're going to spend most of our time outside with a good-sized crowd that's gather here on monday morning. for now, we're inside studio 1a. >> what's with the lips? did you see the lips? somebody's got
for spring. >> and up next, kathie lee and hoda catching up with smokey robinson. >>> plus, family get aways on a budget and getting a wine workout. >> don't they always work out with wine? >>> 9:56 now. good morning. i'm marla tellez. the attorney for the family of 15-year-old audrey pott is speaking out against the los gatos saratoga high school district. the superintendent released a statement yesterday after saying the three suspects could not be expelled from saratoga high because the alleged assault did not take place on school grounds. but late last night, the pott family attorney responded arguing at least one photo of the alleged attack was distributed at school to intentionally harass audrey. he also says the district denying that audrey was ever bullied is, quote, greatly upsetting to us. >>> meteorologist christina loren checking our thursday forecast now. >> we have a warm afternoon shaping up, 80s inland translates to great beach weather. 65 in pacifica. winds have dramatically decreased. a lot more comfortable out there right by the water. 69 for half moon bay. and the warmest
and hoda kotb. live, it's studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> hey, everybody, it's fun-day monday, april 29th, 2013. we're so glad you're with us today. and happy anniversary to will and kate. >> two years. >> i cannot believe it's been two years and a baby on the way. >> good for them. >> i didn't see you this weekend. but i saw you -- >> i saw you. >> did you? >> you don't have to be face to face to see kathie lee, especially this weekend. because kath was a little busy friday and saturday and sunday. throughout the weekend. making the ds, we should say. talking about our friend, matt lauer. >> yes. >> let's just take a little taste of -- >> let's see it. >> kathie lee on fire with "e.t." defending matt lauer. >> we weren't petitioning anything, it was a proclamation for our affection and friend for our support our colleague, matt. >> i kathie lee is saying enough is enough. some people may say it's corporate ork trags. kathie lee goes rogue all the time. there's no containing that woman, she did it all on her own. >> billy, he should know. >> let's talk about what they're discussing. >>
news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from sdio 1a in rockeller plaza. >>> hello, everybody. it may be booze-day, tuesday, april 23rd for you, but it's not for me. >> you're not feeling great. >> no i'm not, hoda. but i'm here for you because i don't trust you when i'm not around. >> it's very unusual that you don't feel well. the pastive years, this is the second day. the very first day we worked together, shooting promos. >> and we hav joe at the ready. >> joe is ther >> joe has a bucket. >> five years o. joe, how was i? >> he's got a bucket in his hand. >> ah. he's there. you k kw what i went, i worked with regeor ha, 15 years and never, never had a sick day. not once. i've worked with you now five years and never had a sick day. >> but you don't feel good. >> well that's, wouldn't you stay he for a sick day? but see, i'm too proud. it's a ridiculous thing. >> well were you going to slip and say sething inappropriate like that guy did? >> like frickin' o-poo? >> there was aid named aj clemente. >> are you sure? his co-host wasn't sure what it was. >>
you tonight at 8:00 p. >>> i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm hoda kotb in for savannah this morning. >> the "today" show shakeup, hoda in, savannah out. has matt found a new katie? >> plus, i want you to make scott look like this. >> the liberace's movie. out front with liberace's real life lover with bizarre plastic surgery claims. what kind of plastic surgery? >> chin implant, nose job, they raised my cheek bones. >> chris brown's attorney mark geragos, what rihanna told his weeks ago? >> did snooki eat just lettuce and laxatives to lose weight. >> and jay-z and beyonce, are they dragging the obamas into the cuban controversy. plus, morgan freeman and tom cruise together for our cameras.
what hoda said. >> it was people who noticed the butdty of kayla and florence, so absolutely as women we need to say thank you and accept compliments. >> are you going to change the way you feel about yourself now as a result of the dove experiment? >> i'm not going to list ton that critic inside any more. >> don't listen to the sounds in the kitchen, any more. >> listen to the people who are making the compliments instead of the critic in my head. >> listen to hoda. thank you, ladies. >>> coming up, a sweet story of a mom and daughter baking cookies for a great cause. there is a place where the sky is always blue. and the kids always eat their vegetables. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch. it's the way ranch is supposed to taste. new l'oreal shocking extensions mascara. for shocking lashes look no further! the innovative lash-hugging brush smoothes on liquid lash extensions beyond the tip. building high impact volume and length. shocking l'oreal's new shocking extensions. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both l
" on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and i'm hoda kotb. what a game if you could stay up that late. >> like 11:45. exciting. >> really cool. we'll have a lot more. i'm in for savannah this morning. take a look at this picture. the snow coming down in aurora, colorado, just outside of denver this morning. they can see nearly a foot by the time this storm gets through. it's amazing. >> and consider this. it was 71 degrees there on monday. today, it's expected to be about 25 for the high. that's not the only major concern, by the way. this morning, there's also the threat of tornadoes in the middle part of the country so let's go right to al roker who has the forecast. >> that's right. schools closed. flights delayed or canceled out of denver. right now, mike seidel is in aurora, colorado. >> reporter: good morning, al. we were in the low 70s at dinnertime last night. that cold air ushered in with thunderstorms. the wind chills have dropped to 5 below degree. the cold may be the bigger story than the snow, 5 to 8 inches.
" show. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live if studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> hello, everybody, it's thirst-day thursday, april 4th and it is just one day away from our big five-year anniversary show tomorrow. >> we have a big show planned. >> it has flown by. >> it is crazy. we're having a musical guest. >> guests. >> plural. and we have a really fun look back. kind of all about us. >> it's all good. >> focus. >> we have 98 degrees on today and tomorrow we have new kids on the block. >> it's been a lot of fun. >> finally the announcement was official. >> worst-kept secret in the world. >> jimmy fallon is replacing jay leno on the "tonight show." you wonder how they're going to handle it on air that night. it's one of those things, you're never quite sure how it's going to work out. >> you can't ignore it. >> so this is how leno and jimmy did it. >> i want to congratulate, i can't to congratulate my good friend jimmy fallon. he is a hell of a guy, he's going to do a great job. >> you guys probably heard the news i'm going
, you guys are like family. you'll be back in our fourth hour with hoda and kathie lee. "ready for love" airs 9:00, 8:00 central time on nbc. back over to matt. >>> what would you do if your child became a target of bullies? "i stand behind my son in the fight against bullying. fight and send a message that bullying needs to stop now." more than 900,000 people have seen it, liked and forwarded and matthew bent is here along with his son, shiloh. i have three kids under the age of 12. i always thought what would i do if i found out one of those kids was being bullied. had you worried about it? >> i had worried about it. i never knew that the day was going to come that he was going to come home to the dinner table and tell me that but very proud of him for standing up and saying something. >> was it hard to tell your dad that, shiloh, saying i'm having a problem with bullies. >> it was a really hard thing for me to tell my dad because it was like on one side is it really bullying or is it not and i worry about that question and i worry how is it going to end. >> and do you worry if you go
in a purse. kathie lee and hoda, did you hear? wine in a purse! >> it's like a box of wine, right? >> in a purse. >> i'll take it. >> like a squeezable canteen. then this morning, no songbirds here. owls and alligators. wildlife in your backyard. >> oh, natalie, look. >> we have a gator and a snake for you. >> lucky me. >> and speaking of natalie, fun, fearless latina award. natalie is featured in "cosmo." every time i turn around you are in a different magazine. >> i guess that makes me fun and fearless then. >> you are! >> there you go. >> we concur. congratulations. >> it's their new latina issue. good to have cosmo on board. >> i didn't know cosmo kramer had a magazine. >> you would go there with the kwo "seinfeld" reference. >> let's look at the weather. >> strong storms in the upper mississippi riverr along the gu coast. windy conditions in northern california. snow developing in the plains. for tomorrow, we have some heavy snow in the central rockies. denver, 6 to 9 inches of snow. strong storms in central texas and sunny and hot through the southwest. warm and mild up into
and hoda had to drop ten pounds by memorial day. >>> good morning. 9:56. i'm marla tellez. a stanford university professor diagnosed with leukemia turning social media to help save her life. the doctor has only eight weeks to live unless she receives a bone marrow facebook. a facebook page called help nalini now has been set up to encourage donors. >>> the man who shot a bay area rapper on the strip will be extradited from los angeles to nevada. amar'e harris, a self-described pimp is accused of shooting him minutes after they had an argument on the strip. >>> drivers can expect a delay on the toll plaza. the far left lane will be closed so crews can install an automated toll system. caltrans will complete upgrades for the rest of the lane. a nice start to friday. lets get a look at the forecast with christina loren. >> hey, thanks, marla. we have a beautiful couple of days to get through before we get really windy on sunday. high pressure stays in control. that means comfortable conditions for today and saturday. temperatures in the upper 70s. 76 for livermore, 77 down in gilroy, 74
to "today" on a wednesday morning. 7:00 a.m. on the west coast. i'm matt lauer. >> and i am hoda kotb in for savannah. we are following breaking news out of washington. the long-awaited deal on gun control. >> we're told it is bimars and expands background checks for purchases both at gun shows and online. >> let's go straight to kristen welker at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. according to sources close to negotiations, two key senators and their staff worked late into the night hammering out the final details of a compromise on background checks. they will roll out their plan at a news conference which will begin in just about an hour. democratic senator joe manchin of west virginia and republican senator pat toomey of pennsylvania are stoat announce a deal on background checks today. sources close to the negotiation say the deal would require background checks on most commercial gun sales including purchases made at gun shows and over the internet but would exempt checks for most person-to-person transactions. for example, a gun could be given as a
, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live, from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> hey, >>> hey, everybody. so glad you're with us. you've been waiting for it. we know you. it's april 2nd. >> thank god. >> you got in big trouble. >> and it happened on our program. on april fool's day, but it was real. >> i don't know if you saw our show yesterday, but i'm assuming you did, anyway, her phone starts ringing in the show. >> i was using my phone as a prop. it rings. >> i love you. you're on the air. >> it's cassidy. >> what, honey? can i call you after the show is this glad you made it home, okay? love you peanut. >> that was worth it. >> it looked like you talked to your daughter, so what. >> what the mother of the pea nu nut didn't understand is when you hold up the phone so you hear her better, that makes a lot of sense because my mike is here. i'm thinking the camera is closer. there are no microphones on the camera. >> go on. that wasn't the problem. >> the problem was that her telephone number was for all the world to see. >> and her phone staurted ringing and ringing
nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >>> hello, everything. it's wines-daye wednesday. a special day for ms. hoda. >> it's my mother's birthday. we're going to celebrate this weekend and blake's birthday celebration. >> and someone else's birthday. >> our precious tammy, her daughter alana. look at that face. don't cover it with confetti. >> so double birthday. >> happy birthday to her. >>> we are learning more about the aftermath of boston. i think a lot of people are at the point where they want to know who did it and why. those are two big questions. there was a guy -- >> they have some good clues, some excellent clues. >> there was a guy taking photos, like a whole bunch of still pictures. just a viewer of the marathon. >> and saw a picture of someone who was fleeing. you can't tell, they were asking -- this is a person fleeing, or is it someone who had something to do with it. it seemed like the consensus was it was just looked like someone who was fleeing. you wonder if you planted a bomb, would you stand ne
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